Whistle Blower Policy

(An avenue for employees and outsiders to report any issues of non-compliance to standards of high integrity in order to promote a culture of openness and fair dealing.)

In our business, we are keen to promote a culture of openness and fair dealing . One of the important values which we wish to promote is integrity. We therefore need to provide avenues for employees and outsiders to report any issues of non-compiance to standards of high integrity. One such mechanism is Whistle Blowing.

In this regard we have formulated a Vigil Mechanism Policy and the objective of the said policy is to establish a redressal forum, which can address all concerns raised on questionable practices, which violate the principles of integrity. The redressal forum shall be responsible for receiving, validating, investigating and reporting to the Audit Committee of this matter.

Through the Vigil Mechanism Policy, the management would like to ensure all employees that they will be protected from unfair termination, threat of termination, disciplinary action, transfer, demotion, refusal of promotion or any other unfair prejudicial employment practices, which the Whistle Blower may face from any quarters within the Company due to the act of whistle blowing / exercising vigilance.

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