What are some funniest breaking news from India TV?

What are some funniest breaking news from India TV? May, 12 2023

The Curious Case of the Mysterious Balloon

One of the funniest breaking news stories from India TV has to be the time when a giant balloon was spotted in the sky, causing panic among the local residents. The news channel went into full investigative mode, speculating whether it was an unidentified flying object (UFO), an enemy aircraft, or just a prank. After some intense reporting and wild imaginations, it turned out that the mysterious balloon was nothing more than a weather balloon. The whole incident was a perfect example of how even the most mundane objects can become the center of a media frenzy.

Aliens Stealing Cows?

Another hilarious breaking news story from India TV involved aliens and cows. Yes, you heard that right! The news channel reported that aliens were allegedly stealing cows from a village in India for some unknown reason. The story escalated quickly, with various experts being called upon to weigh in on the matter. Ultimately, the entire story was debunked, and it was revealed that the cows were merely being stolen by thieves, not extraterrestrial beings. The entire incident was a funny and bizarre example of how far some news channels will go to create sensational headlines.

The Ghost Caught on Camera

India TV is known for its love for paranormal stories, and this one takes the cake. A video of a so-called ghost walking through a park went viral, and the news channel was quick to cover the story. The video showed a blurry figure walking past the camera, which the news channel claimed was definitive proof of the supernatural. However, it was later revealed that the "ghost" was nothing more than a person wearing a white sheet, creating a hilarious and entertaining news story that left viewers in splits.

When Animals Take Over

India TV has a knack for turning everyday incidents involving animals into sensational news stories. One such story involved a monkey that had entered a government building, causing panic and chaos among the people inside. The news channel covered the entire incident with great enthusiasm, building suspense and drama with their commentary. In the end, the monkey was safely captured and released back into the wild, but not before providing viewers with some hilarious entertainment.

The News Anchor's On-Air Antics

News anchors can often provide unintentional comedic relief, and India TV is no exception. In one such instance, a news anchor was caught on camera dancing during a commercial break, completely unaware that he was still being filmed. The clip went viral, and the news anchor became an overnight sensation. The incident served as a reminder that even serious news channels can have their lighter moments, providing viewers with some much-needed laughter.

The Psychic Parrot Prediction

India TV is known for its love of predictions, and one of their most memorable stories involved a psychic parrot that could supposedly predict the future. The channel featured a segment where the parrot would pick cards that would reveal what the future held. While the entire segment was meant to be taken lightly, it was still a hilarious example of the lengths some news channels will go to in order to generate buzz and increase viewership.

The Great Indian "Maggi" Controversy

When controversy erupted over the popular instant noodle brand "Maggi," India TV was at the forefront of the coverage. The news channel went into overdrive, covering every angle of the story and even conducting their own tests on the noodles. The intense scrutiny and dramatic coverage of the issue made for some entertaining television, as viewers were left wondering if their favorite snack was truly a health hazard or just another sensational news story.

When Astrology Meets Politics

India TV's love for predictions extends to the political realm as well. During election season, the news channel often features astrologers and numerologists to predict the outcome of the elections. The serious manner in which these predictions are presented, combined with the often outlandish claims made by the experts, make for some truly entertaining television that leaves viewers both amused and bewildered.

Monsoon Madness

Monsoon season in India brings with it a host of news stories related to the weather, and India TV is always ready to cover them. One of the funniest breaking news stories involved a reporter who was caught on camera struggling to maintain her balance during a live broadcast, as the heavy rains and winds threatened to blow her away. The clip went viral, providing viewers with a hilarious reminder of the unpredictable nature of live television.

When Technology Fails

India TV, like any other news channel, relies heavily on technology to bring the latest news to its viewers. However, when technology fails, it often results in some truly amusing on-air moments. From glitchy graphics to malfunctioning teleprompters, these technical mishaps serve as a reminder that even the most professional news channels are not immune to the occasional blunder, providing viewers with some much-needed comic relief in the process.